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Mundeth group of companies has been prominent in the field of PVC pipes manufacturing for the past two decades . Ever since the decline of G I pipes , Mundeth PVC pipes has found a place for itself in the growing need for PVC pipes.The group comprises of companies such as R.S.A. Polymers(p) Ltd, Hi-Plus Chemicals & Plastics (p)Ltd, Periyar Industries, M.K.A. Sons Polymer,Mundeth Storage System (p)Ltd, Mundeth Water Solutions (p) Ltd and Musthafa Trading Company. Mundeth PVC pipes conform to IS 4985: 2000 specifications and find its requirments in Rural & Urban water supply, Telecommunication cable ducting, Oil and Gas distribution, Air conditioning ducting, Drip irrigation, Salt water handling, Agricultural farms etc.

Mundeth Group of companies began its culture of business in 1970 and developed through Mr. Aboobaker Haji, who is the founder of the group. As he explored through various industries in Kerala, he came to realise the scope and social benefits of chemicals and plastics Industry. After a thorough consultation and market study, Aboobaker Haji formed his dream in 1982 by starting Raz Chemicals. Through constant experiments, Sri. Aboobaker Haji developed high quality PVC pipe for every purpose in life. And later, Sri Haji's great efforts led to the establishment of famous Mundeth Group.

Mr Rafeek, Mr Anwar, and Shahida are the children of Mr. Aboobaker Haji, followed their father's way of business and with the same enthusiasm, ventured different business. At present, Mundeth Group is a fast growing company with so many branches. The quest of the management for higher quality PVC pipes, led to the invention of Mundeth Brand PVC pipes and soon the brand won ISI recognition certificate for qualitative product and service.

Today, Mundeth PVC pipes are widely used for different purposes in different projects in public and private sectors. Acknowledging the upcoming needs for plastic tanks in and outside Kerala, Mundeth Group diversified its business into the production of Water tanks. Now the tanks are available in the name of Mundeth and other commercial brands in all southern states. A team of highly qualitative marketing professionals and a live customer care centre works very efficiently for the customers and dealers.

The Group Comprises of Company

1. R.S.A. Polymers(p) Ltd

2. Hi-Plus Chemicals & Plastics (p)Ltd

3. Periyar Industries

4. M.K.A. Sons Polymer

5. Mundeth Storage System (p)Ltd

6. Mundeth Water Solutions (p) Ltd

7. Musthalifa Trading Company.

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