Quality Control

The sophisticated machinery of the company helps the highly efficient technicians and engineers to produce PVC pipes, plastic water tanks, suction hoses and plumping pipes of international quality .The company also maintains a well linked distribution chain of GI pipes M.S pipes in south India.

Mundeth Group applies most modern technology in the production of PVC pipes & other plastic materials. Updated technology with world standards enables the company to produce world-class PVC pipes, Water tanks, Suction hoses, plumping pipes etc. Well-equipped research and development department and wide experience in the industry help the company to assure the quality of products. Since the company uses world-renowned companies raw materials only,the quality of the product is free of suspicion. The above said policy of the company avoids the entire problem that might be developed through constant usage.

The well-equipped laboratory and quality control system, certified by Bureau of Indian Standards, monitor each product in each batch through different tests mentioned below.

Analytical Laboratory [UPVC ISI PIPES]

1 Internal hydrostatic pressure test.

* (a) Type test :- 60oC- 1000 hrs
* (b) Acceptance test :- 27oC - 1 hr.

2. Test for resistance to external blows at 0o C.
3. Reversion test.
4. Opacity test.
5. Density test
6. Vicot softening temperature test.
7. Sulphated Ash content test.
8. Effect on water test.
9. Visual appearance: [Dimensions,Colour,Smoothness]

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